Residential Pool Opening Services

Pool opening typically refers to the process of preparing a swimming pool for use at the beginning of the pool season which range from Early April to end of June. Each pool opening is unique, and involves several steps such as removing the pool cover, brushing the pool surfaces, checking and servicing the mechanical filtration system, balancing the water, and ensuring that all the pool equipment is in good working condition. Pool openings are important to ensure that the pool is safe, clean, and ready for swimming. Pool cleanings are NOT included, and are offered exclusively to our weekly maintenance customers.

GBI Pool Services Inc. offers three main packages for residential pool opening that will be sure to meet the needs of any residential pool owner looking for a hands-off approach to the start of Summer!

Prior to your pool opening appointment, please ensure that we have access to the backyard, power is supplied to the pool equipment, and your hose faucets are switched on. If these are not completed prior to our arrival, the pool opening service may require an extra trip which can result in extra charges.

2024 Residential Pool Opening Packages:


$285 + HST

For pools with NO covers

What's included:

  • Remove winterizing plugs from returns and skimmer
  • Re-install jet plugs and skimmer basket
  • Re-assemble pool equipment (pump, filter, heater, salt cell, etc.)
  • Prime and start pool filtration system
  • Inspect pool equipment for damage, leaks, etc.
  • Test pool water
  • Brush pool floor and walls to loosen up algae and debris
  • Add appropriate chemicals to balance water*
  • Quote any repairs to be done separately from the pool opening
*Chemicals are NOT included. Billed by the kg or pail as per client instruction.

** Pool cleaning is NOT included as part of pool opening



$435 + HST

For pools with safety covers

    What's included:

    Everything in the Bronze Opening service, PLUS:

    • Removal of safety cover
    • Wash safety cover
    • Safety cover is folded neatly and left to dry
    • Safety cover anchors secured 


    $585 + HST

    For pools with tarps or leaf nets and water bags

      What's included:

      Everything in the Bronze Opening service, PLUS:

      • Pump dirty water off the top of winter cover
      • Drain water bags 
      • Pile and bag leaves neatly at side of the pool
      • Wash pool cover and water bags
      • Cover and water bags are folded neatly and left to dry

      Additional Pool Opening Services:

      All swimming pools are different and require varying expertise and levels of pool opening services. Certain features in a swimming pool require extra work to professionally open and service properly. Our extra charges for some of these commonly seen pool features are listed below:

      Pool Opening Extras:

      • Salt Cell Cleaning (+$35)
      • Cartridge filter rinse (+$60)
      • Leaf net removal and fold: (+$60)
      • Waterfall Opening (+$35)
      • Re-install existing drop-in step (+$60)
      • Extra Skimmer Charge (+$35)
      • Laminar Jets Opening (+$15/ea)
      • Attached spa opening: (+$120)
      • Solar heater opening (+$120)
      • Slide Opening (+$35)
      • Bubbler Opening (+$35)
      • Swim Jet Opening (quote only)
      • Vanishing edge (quote only)
      • Cancelation fee (+$90)

      Pool Repairs:

      • Quoted on site or over the phone

      Gas or Propane Heater Start Up:

      • If you have a natural gas or propane pool heater, we can schedule an appointment on your behalf with a trusted HVAC company for an extra charge.

      Pool Parts:

      We carry a wide variety of common parts on our trucks at all times and are able to supply them as needed.

      • Pressure gauges ($12)
      • Pump, filter, heater plugs ($5-25)
      • Pump and skimmer baskets ($20-60)
      • Gaskets

      Looking for a specific part? We can special order anything you may require and deliver at the same time as the pool opening for no extra fee.

      Opening Chemicals:

      • Natural Chemistry opening kit
      • All sanitizing and balancing chemicals are available for purchase by kilogram, or by bucket
      • Liquid chlorine 
      • Pool Salt
      • We are a registered Spa Marvel dealer

      Start Up Pool Cleaning Service:

      Note: As of January 1, 2022 this service is ONLY available to our weekly maintenance customers. We apologize for any inconvenience.

      Are you tired of spending too much free time cleaning and balancing your pool right after opening? Our start up pool cleaning service allows you to relax while professionals with commercial pool cleaning equipment efficiently prepare the pool for summer. 

      Using our commercial pool cleaning equipment and years of expertise, we will scoop and vacuum large debris, brush the pool walls and scum-line, clean the filters as necessary, and adjust the pool water chemistry to kill all of the off-season algae.

      Program Highlights:

      • Customizable program, that is pre-booked in a package of extra visits. In a properly functioning pool, no more than 3 visits* are usually required. 
        • *Some clients may require more visits due to excessively dirty pools, or required equipment maintenance such as pump or filter repairs/replacements
      • Chemicals are added on an as-needed basis, billed by the kilogram, so you only pay for what you need.
      • Equipment failures or maintenance required is dealt with promptly during the opening rush
      • Upon the completion of this program, your pool will be free from large debris and the water will be balanced and safe for bathers. 
      Is your pool extremely dirty, or hasn't been opened in the past year or more? Please contact us so we can learn more and provide you with a quote