Inground Pool Liner Replacements

Replacing a pool liner is a major project that vinyl pool owners must go through every 10-14 years as their pool liner reaches the end of its life cycle. Constant sun exposure, chemical degradation and normal wear and tear on the old vinyl can contribute to requiring an inground pool liner replacement.

These projects don't need to be a major headache, and can actually be completed from start to finish in as little as three weeks. GBI Pool Services Inc. are experts at streamlining the liner installation process, and will quickly and efficiently get your pool looking brand new again. 

GBI Pool Services Inc. uses multiple liner manufacturing companies including Latham, and Poolwerx to match each customers unique requirements. All of our liners include the respective manufacturers pro-rated warranty, while our labour comes with a 1-year guarantee.

What to Expect

A typical inground pool liner replacement usually takes between 3-6 weeks from start to finish assuming there are no major issues with the structure of the pool or the water table. We also offer an expedited process for an extra fee if you are in a rush. Standard inground pool liners are 30MIL thick, and come with 25 year pro rated manufacturers warranty.

An inground pool liner replacement process roughly follows the procedure below:

  • Fully draining pool and removing debris
  • Removing old liner and placing it in garbage bags for disposal by customer
  • Inspecting structural integrity of pool
  • Up to 4 man hours of repair to wall and floor*
  • Measuring the pool with computer software to ensure a perfect fit
  • Cementing bottom drain
  • Supplying and installing new gaskets for returns, lights, and skimmers
  • Supplying and installing new face-plates for returns and skimmers.
  • Installation of liner
  • Water truck coordination (water truck cost not included in install)
  • Cutting out steps, returns, skimmers, light niches as required.
  • Initial water balancing (chemicals not included)

* If pool structure is severely damaged, an estimate will be prepared for the customer for any extra work required.
**GBI Pool Services Inc. offers multiple payment plans to suit all customers' needs.

Please download and browse through our liner installation booklet below to learn more!