Pool Filters

Your pool filter is what removes debris and keeps your pool clean, clear and safe to swim in. By having a filter that is properly sized for your pool, you will have a much easier time maintaining the quality of your water. It is very important that your pool filter is maintained regularly, which differs depending on which type of filter your pool system has. 

If you are not sure what kind of filter you have, or your filter requires service, please contact us.


Most existing pools are outfitted with a sand pool filter, so they are the most common filter type to see.

Sand pool filters are able to catch debris as small as 7-10 microns, which is more than sufficient to meet Canadian health standards. 

As sand pool filters accumulate debris, they are cleaned every 1-2 weeks by 'backwashing' out the debris that was caught by the filter. This sends the debris in the silica sand out to waste. Every 5-7 years, the silica sand will need to be changed, as backwashing does not clear out all of the debris.


It is important to be aware that City of Ottawa bylaws prohibit the discharge of pool salt water into city sewers, so if you have a salt pool a sand filter is not allowed to be backwashed, unless it discharges onto your property. 

If you have a salt pool or are thinking about converting to a salt pool, it is highly recommended that you install a cartridge filter to comply with these bylaws. 


Cartridge pool filters are gaining popularity in the pool industry, since they require less overall maintenance than sand filters and are better for the environment.

Cartridge pool filters are able to catch debris as small as 1-3 microns, which is small enough to filter out impurities such as dead algae. 

Cartridge pool filters are cleaned by disassembling the filter, removing the cartridges, soaking them in cleaning solution, and then rinsing the cartridges with a garden hose. No backwashing required!

A properly sized cartridge pool filter typically needs to be cleaned 2-3 times a year. We recommend cleaning them 2-3 weeks after the pool is opened, and a second time a few weeks before the pool is closed. If your pool experiences heavy use, they will likely need to be rinsed one more time in between. 

Cartridges typically last about 3-5 years, after which they should be changed for a new set.