Pool and Spa Automation

Did you forget to turn the heater on the morning before a big pool party? Don't worry! You can easily control your pool heater on while you are out shopping for last minute supplies with a pool and spa automation system.

Pool and spa automation panels are the complete solution for controlling up to 2 bodies of water at once. Not only can they safely power all of the equipment in one place, but they also communicate with it all. This allows pool owners to set timers on any piece of connected pool equipment, control water features, monitor water chemistry, change the pool temperature, change the pool pump speed, and even control backyard landscape lighting. The combinations are truly endless.

Today's top of the line pool automation panels allow you to control your pool remotely, through a secure WiFi connection on a smartphone application or web browser. This allows pool owners everywhere to control any connected piece of pool equipment from anywhere in the world. Specific brands even allow you to use Alexa and Google voice control.

What Pool Automation Can Control:

Pool automation systems come with relays in groups of 4. In most pools, 4 relays is plenty, but if you have an attached spa with a separate pump or heater, 8 relays or more is likely needed.

  • Water circulation pumps
  • Pool heaters
  • Pool salt chlorination systems
  • Chemical dosing systems
  • Water features
  • Pool lighting
  • Spa lighting
  • Pool accessories
  • Landscape lighting
  • Other backyard features

There are many different levels of automation to suit every customers needs and budget. Whether you are building a new pool, or retrofitting an existing pool, there are solutions for your project.

If you are interested in learning more about pool automation, please contact us.