GBI Pool Services Inc. professionally closes pools and prepares them for the winter. Our pool closing packages are listed below, including all of the features that they include. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding pricing or scheduling.

NOTE: Customers purchasing the bronze or silver package is responsible for lowering water level below jets, and ensuring water is balanced and clear prior to closing. It is recommended that the pool be shocked 24-48 hours before closing.  


  • Clear suction and return lines of water.
  • Install winter plugs. 
  • Protect skimmer from ice buildup.
  • Add antifreeze to lines and pump as required. 
  • Prepare pool equipment for winter:
    • Drain water from filter and pump
    • Winterize gas heater (if applicable)
    • Remove and store ladder
    • Winterize pool lights (if applicable)
    • Remove and store filter cartridges (if applicable)
    • Remove salt cell (if applicable)
    • Detach and store pump (above-ground pool)
    • Safely store equipment, plugs, etc


Includes everything in Bronze Closing package, PLUS:

  • GBI Pool Services will drain the pool below the jets 



Includes everything in Silver Closing package, PLUS:

  • Installation of winter cover or leaf net, and filling/positioning water bags. 



  • Pool Closing Chemical Kit ($50)
  • Leaf net installation on top of winter cover (+$25)
  • Install Winter Safety Cover w/Gold Closing (-$30)
  • Winterize solar heating system (+$40)
  • Winterize 2nd skimmer (+$30)
  • Winterize attached spa (+$50) depending on number of jets
  • Winterize waterfall or waterslide (+$25)
  • Onsite cleaning of filter cartridges with garden hose and nozzle (+$25)
  • Onsite Salt cell cleaning with mild acid solution (+$25)
  • Vacuum pool before closing (+$75)