Pool Pumps

Pool pumps are the heart of your pool filtration system, and are arguably the most important piece of pool equipment since they are crucial in keeping your pool safe to swim in. If your pool pump stops working, you need it to be repaired quickly to stop your pool from turning green.


Is your pool pump making a constant loud noise? It is likely that the bearings need to be changed. GBI Pool Services has the equipment necessary to repair most pumps in less than 72 hours. 


GBI Pool Services Inc. sells and installs one-speed, two-speed, variable speed pumps and variable flow pool pumps. Depending on your budget, and expectations we will do our best to match each customer with the ideal pump for their system. 


Pool pumps consume a lot of electricity. Did you know that running a one-speed pump 24/7 throughout the summer in Ontario can cost over $1,000 in a pool season? Many one-speed pumps are overpowered for the pool they are installed on, and in certain cases are circulating the entire pool volume 4-6 times in a 24 hour period. Current studies have shown that 2-3 turnovers is sufficient to filter pool water and keep it safe, which suggests that one-speed pumps operate very inefficiently.


Modern technology has produced variable speed pumps, which are much more energy efficient than one-speed pumps. Variable speed pumps use an efficient magnetic-induction motor and come with a built in timer to help reduce power consumption during peak electricity periods. These pumps are able to be programmed to change the speed of the impeller to minimize electricity consumption. By switching to a variable speed pump, it is possible to save $300-$500 per season in electricity.

If you are interested in upgrading your pool pump, please contact us for more information.