Leak detection

Pool leaks are very costly to a pool owner, as a typical pool can lose 2-4" of water in a 24 hour perod (3000-6000 litres!). Over a long period of time this can be very expensive and wasteful.

GBI Pool Services Inc. specializes in finding and fixing leaks in your pool plumbing and equipment. If you think your pool is leaking, contact us so that we can help you determine if the leak is in the pool membrane or the plumbing. Once this has been determined, an appointment is booked to locate and repair the leak.


Once we arrive on site, a service call will generally follow these steps:

  • Pressure test lines to determine which pipe is at fault.
  • Attempt to locate the leak with our acoustic listening device.
  • Locate leak to a specific radius.
  • Discuss options with customer regarding repairing leak.
  • Repair leak with minimal permanent alterations to property*.
  • Pressure test lines to ensure that the line is no longer leaking after repair.

* Note: Cutting the cement pad around your pool may be necessary. However if possible we will avoid cutting the cement and dig a trench in the nearby grass instead. In the event the cement is cut out, we re-pour new cement to fix the cut out section.