Safety Covers 

Are you tired of looking out the backyard in the winter and seeing an ugly tarp covering your pool being held in place by water bags? A safety cover is a great product that many customers are installing on their pools. 

Some of the benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Backyard aesthetics
  • Blocks 95-99% of UV rays
  • Helps to prevent drowning
  • Cover can support large amount of weight without failing
  • Prevents debris from entering pool
  • Allows water through cover
  • Easy to install and remove
Installing a safety cover requires precise measurements and a day to install properly. Opening a pool with a safety cover is much easier, and you can expect to save money on water and chemicals due to the cover's properties.

*All safety covers installed by GBI Pool Services Inc. come with a 10 year pro-rated manufacturer's warranty, as well as a 1 year workmanship guarantee.