Automatic Pool Cleaners

Pool cleaning technology has made huge strides in the last 5 years, giving pool owners many great options. Pressure cleaners and robotic pool cleaners are the most common types of automatic pool cleaners and are the main types of automatic cleaners in pools nowadays.


Pressure cleaners require a pool owner to plug piping together and into the skimmer opening. These cleaners use the pool pumps pressure to suck debris off of the bottom of the pool into the filter system. Using random movement patterns, they eventually clean the entire bottom of the pool. These cleaners are great for the pool owner who doesn't want to vacuum their pool on their own.



If you are looking for the ultimate cleaning machine with the most convenience, a robotic cleaner is what you should consider. These cleaners are dropped into the pool, and with the push of a button will clean the entire pool in a 2-3 hour cycle. Since they draw power from a 120V wall plug, they use less power than a 60W light bulb and are much more efficient than pressure cleaners. These cleaners also include an on-board computer which ensures that the entire pool is mapped out and fully cleaned. Once they finish their cycle, simply remove them from the pool and store them on their included caddy. These cleaners can also be programmed to vacuum the pool on a schedule should the pool owner be away from their pool for an extended period of time.


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